Thursday, November 27, 2008

Like a Beacon in the Great Plains

Somewhere in the twenty minutes between our missed Illinois exit and first opportunity to turn around we passed an rest-stop called "the Oasis." I'm pretty sure we ignored the significance of that name the first time we saw it, but on the back side of our u-turn its meaning became abundantly clear. Yet even that rest-stop was just an oasis for a 20-mile stretch of uninterrupted interstate. If you're in the heart of a 9000-mile journey you're going to need an oasis on a completely different order of magnitude. We found that sanctuary last night in Gresham, Nebraska. 

ItAdd Image is convenient that just past the midpoint of our trip we would find ourselves in Nebraska, a state whose conventional reputation is that of the classic flyover state. We know it better, however, as Philip's home. Having met Philip's family a number of times before, I was completely expecting our visit to be greeted with not just open arms but an abundance of com-
fort food and a peaceful, relaxing place to spend the evening. It helps that this was the first night where any of us got more than four hours of sleep, but I think it's fair to say that we're all both rejuvenated and extremely grateful to the Romohr family for taking us in.
 Now it is on to the northern great plains. 

P.S. Updates may be fewer and farther between, because out here the cell towers are definitely fewer and farther between. 

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RPF said...

Thanks to the Rohmors for their willingness to celebrate Thanksgiving a bit early so that you guys would not miss a warm, home-cooked feast!What a nice send-off at Thanksgiving! And happy birthday, Dave, you awesome dude, pal extraordinaire. You may feel somewhat isolated in that van dashing through the Northern Plains, but all kinds of folks are following you guys with envy in their hearts and smiles on their faces. We have much to be thankful for today, friendship above all. Godspeed. (And extra pizza to whoever sees the first buffalo).