Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Henge is Also Stone

Three of us--myself, Dan, and Dave--were fortunate enough to have members of our family join us on our New York walk. This time our mile was across the back fields at Poundridge Nurseries, my family's business for the last 80 years. It would have been great walk regardless, but it was doubly so considering the familial company. We've also taken care of CT and NJ since the last post. On to the Small Wonder, Delaware. 


Erica said...

Following your progress, see you next week in Nebraska!


Gresham said...

Looking forward to your visit in Gresham. Supper and beds will be made.

Susan said...

Thanks for letting some family members join in on the local walk! Your blogs are great! Can't wait to see the walk on the beach in Mississippi!